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Can you come to my Boat location for service?

YES!  Our technicians will evaluate the nature of your service with you over the phone, attempt to remedy your issue remotely, and if successful this remote service is provided at no charge to you. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, we will be happy to come to your boat location for service. 

Can i bring my boat to the shop for service?

YES!  We have spaces (covered & uncovered) in our yard that allow for on-site servicing and installations for any size trailerable boat. Always remember to make an appointment before hauling your boat in. 

If i bought my equipment somewhere else, Can you still install and repair it?

YES!  No matter where you purchased your marine electronic products, our technicians would be happy to install or repair any and all electronic equipment you bring to us. If unit is under warranty, we ask that you please provide proof of purchase. 

Can i buy equipment at the shop?

 be orYES!  See something in our showroom you like? You can buy it on site and even schedule the install while you're here or check out our online store. 

Do you repair mechanical or plumbing issues?

Unfortunately, no. Sea-Trac is strictly focused on marine electronics and DC electrical systems. We can, however, help you find the best course of action to remedy your needs.

Can you peridocially update my unit with the latest factory software updates?

YES!  For a nominal fee our team of technicians can provide your equipment with the software updates as they become available. 

Can you transfer My waypoints and tracks from my old equipment to new equipment?

YES!  Our team of experienced technicians will make sure you never lose those tracks and waypoints of your favorite fishing spots or ports of call.  

Can i call in with questions about my equipment?

YES!  For recreational vessels, never hesitate to call during business hours with any questions you may have. Our staff will be happy to troubleshoot and/or walk you through various feature sets or deal with issues you may be experiencing. Also, below are links to manufacturers that can help you with more specialized issues.